Truefitt & Hill Hair Management Pomade

Truefitt & Hill Hair Management Pomade




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Product type: Hair Care

Vendor: Truefitt & Hill

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Their latest Pomade formulation provides a medium hold and affords a subtle shine-finish, alternatively an extra sheen can be created by additional product application. It is especially effective for hair styles that are achieved by using a comb. It does not dry out and will provide an infinite number of re-moulding opportunities allowing for minor re-styling throughout the day whilst retaining its flexible hold. Works well for both curly and straight hair to achieve a neat, slick and well-groomed look. It also contains Earthwax, which is a naturally occurring mineral that assists in giving a strong, but pliable hold to any style. This product is water soluble, so rinses out easily during washing.


For best results, a small amount should be evenly applied through damp or dry hair and styled as desired.