Thiers-Issard Bison 6/8" Red Stamina Straight Razor

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Thiers-Issard Bison 6/8" Red Stamina

This beautiful full hollow ground razor with gold etched Bison is mounted in a lovely set of Red Stamina wood scales. Also comes with a leather sheath for storage


Thiers-ISSARD was founded in 1884 by Pierre Thiers, born in 1860 and died in 1929. It then had an extraordinary reputation skilled blacksmith. His works, mainly razors were of exceptional quality.

When he created his own company, he adds the name of his wife to avoid confusion with other families Thiers, they were many, particularly we find 3 families Thiers in the Charter of 1582 which mentions all the masters of Cutlers Thiers and its surroundings.

If Madame Pierre Thiers assured some time after the death of her husband, the continuity of the production, it was soon assisted by his son, Pierre Thiers (1884-1962), then a few years later by Mr. Louis (1910-1985) and Pierre Thiers (1914-1997). Came the last successor, Philippe Thiers, who sold his factory in 1985 to Gilles REYNEWAETER, it continues the ancient tradition of hand razor by remaking hunts as early XXV century, horn, ivory, whalebone, beef bones and all wood in the world. He added tortoiseshell which was reserved for the nobility and kings, and established carbon damascus blade shavers and razors developing a range of "unique pieces" on demand.

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