Tabac Original Eau de Cologne Splash 10.1 oz
Tabac Original Eau de Cologne Splash 10.1 oz

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Eau de Cologne and Eau de Toilette differ in their concentration of perfume. In Eau de Cologne, it is 3-5%. In Eau de Toilette, it is 5-10%. The alcoholic content in both products is 70-82% alc./vol. Exciting, fresh and long-lasting, it emphasizes the natural masculine smell with a shade of elegance. 10.1 oz

The fragrance.


Tabac Original is a harmonious triad of spicy, peppery accents, exotic precious woods and aldehyde-based notes rounded off by a flowery complex. The result: classic, masculine elegance that has a subtly different nuance for each individual scented product in the range.


The message.


The scent for men - striking and masculine yet classically elegant at the same time.