Straight Razor Designs Silver Tip Shaving Brush #1
Straight Razor Designs Silver Tip Shaving Brush #1

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This Beautiful Shaving Brush has a 24 mm Silver Tip Knot and comes in Maple Burl Gloss Finished Handle. Our Brushes all have a Quality Silver Tip Knot that has a very nice firmness as well as a soft feel. If we had to compare them to another brush they compare very favorably to the Simpson line of Brushes in both quality and feel of the brush.


This particular brush with its medium loft and dense packing makes it an excellent all around Brush for both soaps and creams. With it's 24mm knot, it is still small enough for those who like a Brush on the smaller side


Made especially for Straight Razor Designs by Stephens Woodworking




Knot: 24mm


Loft: 55mm


Handle: 57mm


Overall: 112mm


About the Wood:


The finish is stabilized Danish oil, not your average wipe on oil finish. The stabilized process allows the finish to saturate the wood. Once the volatiles in the oil evaporate, the oil resin hardens. That makes the piece dimensionally stable, a fancy way of saying humidity will not affect it. The wood will not shrink or expand because the wood fibers have been stabilized with a resin. The finish is no longer a surface coating, but part of the final product. It is hard, quite durable, very water resistant and deep in the wood. If you happen to scratch it, you can steel wool the blemish out and buff it back to its original condition. I have left a brush submerged in water for two weeks with no ill effects.


The finish also hardens the wood. If you take a brush that has a wipe on finish and tap it with your fingernail, then do the same with one of the brushes that has been stabilized, you will feel the difference. The stabilized wood is much denser and harder. It will hold up against repeated banging against the sides of a mug without denting or cracking. For gloss finishes, I use the oil stabilization, then a surface coat of a gloss finish like Waterlocks, which is an exterior marine finish meant for harsh treatment. This is not your typical wipe on Danish oil, it is soaked/submerged in finish under a vacuum for 24 hours, then another 24 without the vacuum, then a week (usually more depending on the wood and ambient conditions) to fully dry. A wipe on Danish oil is still good, but does not provide the stability that this does and will eventually wear and need reapplied.


Finishes like a varnish, urethane or CA will bond with the surface of the wood, but does not penetrate beyond a few hairs thickness. Over time the shell that finish creates can get water under it. That will cause the finish to peel/crack/check and fall apart. It may take several years, but eventually it will happen. This finish will not since it is physically part of the wood. Once they dry get a buff on compound and rogue to bring the luster out. You could wax them with some carnauba wax for a nice gloss, but it will eventually wear off from the detergents and hot water.


Brushes with a gloss finish undergo the same stabilization process, but after the stabilizer cures they get an additional gloss finish. We use a premium external Marian wood finish. It is designed to protect boat decks from the harsh conditions of sun, salt and fresh water exposure. The finish is made from a Tung Oil base that has gone through additional processing and additives. The finish further enhances the wood's natural patina while not darkening with age.