Straight Razor Designs Lynn Abrams Modular Paddle






We have had a lot of requests for an additional tool that can be used for refreshing, honing and every day stropping of razors. So Lynn and I put our wet shavers hats on and developed the very first modular paddle strop on the market. This paddle strop which is similar in design to our original paddle, features different materials with a stropping surface of 3 inches by 12 inches and has a magnetic base and the individual stropping materials are magnetized so they adhere to the base. The materials available are hard felt pieces, leather and scrub leather which can be treated with pastes or sprays and interchanged for finishing a honing job or refreshing a razor or for just every day stropping use.

Here is what you get with the set.


1 Straight Razor Designs Paddle


2 Pieces Hard Wool Felt


1 Piece Straight Razor Designs Premium 1 Leather


1 Piece Straight Razor Designs Scrub Leather


1 Straight Razor Designs 15 Carat .5 Diamond Spray


You can upgrade your kit with other pads and at a discount with your kit