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When it comes to Straight Razor Shaving, a good leather strop is an essential tool for maintaining your razor's edge prior to daily shaving. Many people prefer to use a paddles strop and we have designed the perfect paddle strop not only for daily use, but it can be used for travel too.

Our double sided paddle strop is made from Red Maple, a natural hard wood that has a hollowed body to provide just the right amount of cushion for your daily stropping. The handle is shaped for a very comfortable grip and ease of use. It has two leather stropping surfaces that are 3 inches wide and a full 12 inches in length providing a perfect stropping distance.

One of the leather surfaces is a premium leather that has an elegant draw for stropping your razor and the other side has a textured leather which can be used "as is" for stropping before going to the smoother leather or it can be treated with different pastes or sprays to be utilized to refresh the razors edge or in the honing process. If you like optimal performance from your straight razor this paddle strop it the perfect solution and it is made to last a lifetime.


Overall Length - 18 inches

Leather Length - 12 inches

Leather Width - 3 inches

Paddle Depth - .8 inches

Handle Length - 5 inches

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