Straight Razor Designs 3" Premium I Leather Strop






Don and I are constantly experimenting with different leathers to ensure that our strops are the finest on the market. Our searches have really paid off and we have found a very special, hand selected shoulder leather that produces some of the best stropping results we have ever seen. This "Premium" strop is as thick as our Latigo but has a soft and supple feel unlike any other strop we have seen. This strop needs no special treatment and in our opinion, it feels broken in from the very start. There is an elegant draw when stropping with this razor that will produce superior results for you. In addition, this strop is simply a beautiful strop. In addition, each strop has a specially selected second strop made of fabric webbing that resembles the feel that the old vintage strops had. It is also excellent for those who like to use pastes on their fabric strops.

These strops are superb and the quality is unrivaled. They are very reasonably priced as well and represent a Huge Value. Pick one up as you will not be disappointed.

Dimensions: Stropping Area 17 inches by 3 inches. Overall Length 28 inches

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