St James of London Lavender & Geranium Shave Cream Tub

St James of London Lavender & Geranium Shave Cream Tub




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All natural luxurious shave cream blending the exquisite top-notes of Lavender & Geranium, providing each shave with the perfect glide and cushion protection. A top-shelf shave cream that explodes with lather. Made in England


Lavender & Geranium. Extremely soft, subtle hints of Lavender and Geranium bordering on unscented. Ideal for super-sensitive skin, and for those who enjoy the freedom of wearing a variety of colognes. Lavender and Geranium are two of the best oils for healthy skin.


Elegantly packaged and presented in a beautiful heavy glass bowl with built-in lid seal to maintain freshness. 5.07oz.


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