SRD 100% Pure Essential Oil Shaving Soaps 10 Wonderful Choices

SRD 100% Pure Essential Oil Shaving Soaps 10 Wonderful Choices




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With Lynn and I being long time Wet Shavers, we are constantly looking for great products that we enjoy using and that we know our customers will like. We are proud to introduce our SRD line of shaving soaps that not only produce great suds, but have some of the best fragrances available.


We have spared no expense to create this wonderful shaving soap. It is 100% natural and made of the finest products. It just builds a pile of rich creamy lather to lubricate and give you a comfortable close shave.


Where our soap really shines is in the scents. We have searched out and acquired the best Essential Oils available on the market to ensure that you will enjoy the aroma every time you shave with one of our soaps. Experience these true scents the way they were intended. Also we have not skimped on quantity of Essential Oil in each tub. It will jump out and surround you in the wonderful aroma.


Our Scents are made from 100% pure Essential Oils never diluted or fractioned:

4 ounce pour,

Opus X - Tobacco Absolute - Nicotania tabacum, Bulgarian, Solvent extracted, Leaves. This One is something Special.


West Indies Bay - Pimenta Racemosa Dominican Republic, Ethically Farmed. The traditional source of West Indies Bay Rum, this Bay Essential Oil has a spicy, sexy aroma.


Vetiver Haitian - Vetivera zizanoides, Emotionally, Vetiver is very grounding and balancing, It is also very relaxing, a mild sedative, useful for stress.


Lavender - The Lavender is also a quality not seen in shaving soaps. It is Lavandula angustifolia, Grown in Bulgaria, CO2 extracted in Germany. An absolutely beautiful, fresh floral lavender oil.


Frankincense - This Frankincense has a delightfully sweet, sparkling aroma.It is Boswellia carterii Somalia, resin, wild, CO2 select extraction. This is the finest Frankincense oil we have ever experienced, a true delight to the senses.


Ylang Ylang - This oil is the result of full distillation of the lovely Ylang Ylang flower, distilled without interruption or fractioning. It is Cananga Odorata Madagascar, Ylang Ylang Organic. Soft, warm and comforting, a beautiful oil, artfully distilled. Aromatically this oil is richly floral with touches of wood notes with a softer and sweeter dry down.


Sweet Patchouli - Rich, lush, softly complex with notes of saffron, amber, and hints of sweet flowers. If ever there was a Patchouli essential oil designed to fly solo as a single note, this is the one. It is Pogostemon cablin, grass, Organically grown but not certified, steam distilled, India.


Blood Orange - More intensely aromatic than the sweet orange we are familiar with. Blood Orange adds a sparkling citrus note. The best orange we have ever smelled. It is Citrus sinensis Organically Grown, not certified, Italy Cold Pressed, Peel only.


Lime - Now this is Lime. Very true to the fruit, a truly awakening and wonderful oil.


Unscented - For those who like the clean soap smell or have allergies.


Which wonderful soap will you try first?


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