Speick Men Shaving Foam

Speick Men Shaving Foam




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Natural & Sensitive: With soothing aloe vera gel and skin-smoothing wheat proteins No preservatives Speick Men Shaving Foam - an aromatic, herbal voyage of discovery for the skin and the senses. Today's shaving care requires a natural symbiosis of thorough, gentle shaving and soothing skin care. Speick Men Shaving Foam's new rich formula, containing gentle, natural foaming substances and nourishing waxes, results in the blade gliding effortlessly across the skin during shaving and a soft, mild, clean shave. Plant-based waxes nourish the skin, moisturizing glycerin and aloe vera gel, with their skincalming characteristics, combined with skin-firming allantoin and skin-smoothing wheat proteins, ensure soothing care of skin made sensitive by shaving. It makes even the most sensitive skin caressingly soft. A mixture of essential oils gives Speick Men Shaving Foam its herbal, aromatic fragrance. It also contains harmonizing Speick plant extract (grown and harvested under bio-regulations) from high up in the Alps. It refreshes and invigorates the senses.


Tip: Shake the can vigorously before use and hold upright when spraying.


6.8 ounces