Simpson Chubby 2 in Best Badger
Simpson Chubby 2 in Best Badger

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Alexander Simpson started making brushes in the East End of London in 1919. He soon built a business and in 1924 moved to Clapham where he established an award-winning reputation for his hand made shaving brushes. In 1941, following the loss of his factory in the blitz, Mr. Simpson moved his business to the West Country. In 2008 Progress Vulfix purchased the company and continues the tradition of making the world's finest brushes entirely made by hand, using the same techniques which have not changed since the firm was founded. The present owners intend to maintain the very high standards which this company has become synonymous with for nearly a 100 years.


The Chubby 2 in Best Badger


Knot Size 28mm


Loft Size 54mm


Overall Length 95mm


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