Shavex Alum Block Large 125g in Case

Shavex Alum Block Large 125g in Case






Shavex Alum Blocks are crystal cubes formulated from naturally occurring Alum deposits. Antiseptic property of the comprising minerals is a boon for the skin. Shavex Alum Blocks have been medically tested for being hypo-allergic and skin friendly and are suitable for all skin-types.


t makes Shavex Alum Blocks advanced and 'different'?


vex Alum Blocks are solid translucent Alum cubes in comparison to white powdery texture of regular Alum Blocks. The translucency of our 'evolved' Alum Blocks is obtained by further heat-treating regular white Alum Blocks skillfully. The process results in product's longer life and non-cracking tendency. The resultant Shavex Alum Blocks are extremely popular for their distinctive property of leaving absolutely 'no-residue' on skin upon application.


What does it do?


Application of moistened Shavex Alum Block on shaved-skin cools down razor burn instantly, cures minor nicks and blemishes and closes open pores, leaving behind smooth and even skin. Shavex Alum Blocks work equally well with electric razors.


In short, a Shavex Alum Block is an excellent Post-shave Healer, Facial Skin Toner, Natural Deodorant and a handy Antiseptic Tool!


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