Shapton Ceramic On Tempered Glass 220 Grit

Shapton Ceramic On Tempered Glass 220 Grit




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Glass Stone 220grit/66.82micron, 70 mm (2 3/4") x 210 mm (8 1/4")

Shapton Glass Stones


We really enjoy offing our customers the finest products available on the market and the Shapton Glass Stones are no exception. We are very pleased to present the complete line of Shapton Glass stones and some of their best accessories to you.


When it comes to honing, we strongly believe that reliability and consistency are the most important aspect to maintaining your straight razors whether you are a beginner or an experienced shaver.


Shapton's first priority in manufacturing is to maintain the highest level of uniformity possible in every process. This insures that the user will have clear definable results with every abrasive product from Shapton


We are carrying the Ceramic on Tempered Glass (GlassStone) Series, and the High Carbon on Tempered Glass Stones. The GlassStone series features a layer of the highest quality ceramic sharpening matrix bonded to a blasted tempered glass base..These stones have been designed for rapid sharpening and low maintenance. They do not need to be soaked in water; simply splash some on and start sharpening. Like all water stones, they should be flattened before each use. These stones measure 210mm x 70mm (8.27in. x 2.76in.); the GlassStones are 10mm (~0.5in) thick, and the Professional stones are 15mm (0.59 in) thick. These stones have a harder feel than some of the other stones on the market based on their ceramic nature and are well liked for results by many straight razor sharpening services including our own.


The Shapton GlassStones are a complete sharpening system. They cover precision lapping systems to maintain uniformity; Stable holding systems for the abrasives; and the highest quality abrasives on the market today. These stones are one of the easiest systems to learn to hone on too.


Shapton ceramic sharpening stones combine extremely fast cutting action with low maintenance. Shapton engineers have completed thousands of hours of research and focused their efforts in sharpening down to three basic elements: Surface Uniformity, Stone Stability and abrasive quality.


These stones work very well on both Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel straight razors. Lynn Abrams, founder of The Straight Razor Place and co-owner of SRD has used both the standard glass stones and the high carbon stones on all types of straight razors with excellent results.


The Shapton stone holder is perfect for holding your stones when you use them and the Glass Diamond Lapping Plate is the best lapping device we have ever tried.


As with all our products, please contact us with any questions you might have. There is no one in the world with more actual honing experience than us and we love being a resource for you. Your success is our success.