Rubis Classic ProGrip Tweezers

Rubis Classic ProGrip Tweezers




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Product type: Grooming Tools

Vendor: Rubis

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Everything is under control - with the ProGrip Tweezers from Rubis.

The name ProGrip comes from "Professional Grip". With this new tweezer, Rubis meets the requirements of demanding beauty professionals. The model was developed in collaboration with beauty professionals, where a tweezers should have a comfortable grip and the hand will not feel tired even after prolonged use. As with a surgical instrument, the slats ensure a good grip on the handle, even with greasy or creamed fingers you can still work effortlessly with the ProGrip tweezer. Due to its high functionality, the ProGrip is particularly suitable for professional make-up artists and beauty salons. Even home users are likely to appreciate the superior comfortable handling. As usual with Rubis, the precision tips of the ProGrip tweezer is handcrafted to ensure each tip is perfectly matched, so that even the finest hairs can be plucked out without injuring the delicate skin around the eyes. The tweezer is made of stainless steel and can be disinfected or sterilized when needed.