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All of the razors we sell come honed and Shave ready. This service is if you want to send us your razor to hone.


The most important aspect of enjoying straight razor shaving is having a blade that has been sharpened to it's maximum potential. This is what provides that completely clean, close and comfortable shave that we straight razor users enjoy so much. Most new razors do not come ready to shave when initially purchased. In addition, a razor will normally become dull and need to be re-sharpened several times a year, depending on daily use and on beard type.


For those of you who don't have the time, skill, or would simply like to have a professional sharpen your new or used razor, Straight Razor Designs is proud to offer you the world,s premier straight razor honing service.


Both Lynn Abrams and Don Addleman, the proprietors of SRD are recognized worldwide for their ability to produce the finest possible shaving edge on a straight razor. They have many years of experience and have sharpened virtually every available brand of razor.


We do not grind razors on a wheel.


The charge for our standard Straight Razor Sharpening service is $25 per razor plus return shipping. Some razors require more than the "standard" service as a result of chips in the edge or poor condition. The charge for honing or repairing these razors will be determined individually and require examination.


Also repair work is not included with our free honing certificates. If your razor requires repair work we will contact you first on the charge for repairing your razor before we sharpen it.


Due to the heavy volume of razors we receive turnaround time is approximately two to three weeks from receipt of razor plus shipping time, but this can run longer during periods of heavy volume. Please take time to pack your razor well they are delicate. We recommend you wrap in bubble wrap and insure the packing is secure. Also insure they have proper shipping on them, razors with shipping due will be returned. If you would like your razor insured please send a check or money order for insurance on the package. These are also being mailed to a PO box so they need to be shipped USPS. UPS, FedEx etc. do not deliver to PO Boxes. Return postage must be purchased online at the time of the ordering the service. Also to keep administrative cost down we do not up date you when we receive your razor, if you want to know if your razor made if safely you would need to purchase delivery confirmation when you ship it.


We look forward to honing your razor!

Purchase here the number of razors you are sending

Ship your razor to:

Straight Razor Designs

PO Box 229

Chesterfield, MO 63006

Please include a copy of your receipt with your razors,

Thank you.

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