Ralf Aust - Solingen 6/8" Palisander Wood Square Point




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This razor from Ralf Aust - Razor Manufacture Solingen is a 6/8" Square Point carbon blade of the highest quality. It comes with beautiful Palisander wood scales. Whether looking for your first razor or picking up another, it is hard to beat a razor of this quality at this price.

We include in the price of each razor professional sharpening, shave tested and disinfected. We have also placed a thin coat of Straight Razor Oil over the blade to protect it. When you receive the razor, all you need to do is wipe off the oil, strop and it is ready to shave. You also get a certificate for your second honing on us.

Real. Sharp. Solingen.

This is not only the motto of Solingen, the City of Blades. It is also a synonym for centuries of manufacturing tradition to the highest quality standards. And making razors has always been the supreme discipline in the cutlery industry.

Aust Razor Manufacture is one of the few remaining companies who still hand make razors of outstanding quality in the old traditional way whether round or Spanish head, whether wooden or plastic scales, you will always get a unique razor involving more than 60 individual production stages. Only the craftsmanship and talents of the grinder will produce a blade of this unique quality.