Professionally Sharpened Dovo Prima Klang Violet  5/8"
Professionally Sharpened Dovo Prima Klang Violet 5/8"

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We believe the Prima Klang Blade is one of Dovo's Best blades. The Extra Full Hollow Ground Carbon Steel "Singing Razor". Complemented by 24kt Gold Markings on the blade, this blade takes a great edge and is easy to maintain and hone. This model is Set in South American Violet scales. The scales are separated by a Gold Plated Spacer and assembled using Flush Mounted Polished Nickel Fasteners.


We include in the price of each razor professional sharpening, shave tested and disinfected. We have also placed a thin coat of Camellia Oil over the blade to protect it. When you receive the razor, all you need to do is wipe off the oil and it is ready to shave the first time without stropping. An initial stropping can also be done if you prefer.



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