Professionally Sharpened Boker Classic Anthracite 5/8"
Professionally Sharpened Boker Classic Anthracite 5/8"

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Shaving knives of the Classic line are new to the product range of the Boker knife manufactory. These entry-level models allow us to bridge the gap between an affordable pricing policy and our very high quality standards, which cannot be compromised. The result is a shaving knife with an outstanding price-performance relationship. Boker Classic shaving knives feature 5-8 inch blades with rounded head. The blade is made of carbon steel (very good edge-holding, not stainless) and has a pronounced hollow grind with wall. Handle scales are charcoal-colored and moisture-resistant. Fully hand-made in the Boker manufactory in Solingen. Incl. authentic Boker branding along the blade joint.