Musgo Real "Agua de Colonia" No. 4 Lavender Cologne
Musgo Real "Agua de Colonia" No. 4 Lavender Cologne

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Claus Porto since 1887


Imported from Portugal


Originally introduced in Europe in the 1920s, Musgo Real is a men's face and body collection which embraces the traditional, classic man. Ten years ago the collection was re-launched in the US and has since become an American favorite as well. This extremely successful collection has now been updated: Returned to its original 1920s glass bottles and with the addition of several new products which appeal to both modern urban contemporary tastes and the more mature classic traditional man.


"Agua de Colonia" No. 4 Lavender Cologne is formulated around fresh and invigorating, lavender is mixed with a subtle vanilla to create a traditional men's fragrance that is clean and fresh and works well day or night.


100ml Glass Bottle