Mongoose AlumiGoose in Black

Collections: Safety Razors, Sets and Blades

Product type: Safety Razors, Sets and Blades

Vendor: Mongoose

Tags: Safety Razors


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Just an outstanding razor. The AlumiGoose is a precision machined anodized aluminum razor. It has a stainless steel head screw for durability. It also has a slimmer profile head then the Stainless version. Using a standard handle thread, the Mongoose head can be used with most handles available.

The Mongoose Razor accepts the Kai Captain, Kai Captain Titan Mild, Kai Captain Titan Mild ProTouch MG, Feather Artist Club Professional, Professional Super, and Proguard blades. (Please note: It does NOT Accept Feather Professional “Light”).

Weight - 2oz

Overall Length - 105mm

Handle - 98 mm