Merkur Classic 1904 Open Comb Safety Razor Set




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Vendor: Merkur

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Get it all and get it your way. Choose what you like and get your complete set for Double Edge Wet Shaving and save money while your at it. Great Way to get started or add to what you already have. Each Set Comes with the following as standard then you can customize and upgrade your kit to fit your needs.


Merkur Classic 1904 Open Comb Double Edge Safety Razor


Heinrich L. Thater Series 4342 21mm Fine Badger, your choice of Black or Brown or upgrade to another great brush


Classic Shaving Mug or choose another of your liking


Our famous 100% Pure Essential Oil Shaving Soap, unscented is included Free of charge or you can upgrade to one of our wonderful scents


A Free Acrylic Brush Stand. Choose one of four great colors


A Free 10 Pack Derby Extra Double Edge Blades


A Free Pinaud Clubman Styptic Pencil, just in case you get that little nick


A Free Metal Blade Disposal Case