Merkur 20C Safety Razor and Brush Shaving Set

Merkur 20C Safety Razor and Brush Shaving Set




Collections: Safety Razors, Sets and Blades

Product type: Safety Razors, Sets and Blades

Vendor: Merkur

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This beautiful set features:

Merkur Long Handled Alu 20C Double Edge Safety Razor - Black

This beautiful razor comes with a longer handle. It has knurling on the black matte aluminum surface of the handle makes it easy to hold as well as attractive to look at. It has been engraved with the Merkur logo on the bottom of the handle. The head of the razor is the Classic Merkur head. Great Shaver and just a gorgeous design.

Merkur Silvertip Alu Shaving Brush - Black

This great brush has a very modern look. A Silvertip shaving brush with Black Aluminum and Chrome handle. The base of the brush is engraved with the Merkur logo. Each brush is stuffed full with the absolute best silvertip badger hair.

Knot: 22 mm

Handle: 54 mm

Overall Height: 108 mm

Merkur Chrome Plated Curved Safety Razor and Brush Stand