KAI Captain Titan Mild Blades 20 Pack

KAI Captain Titan Mild Blades 20 Pack




Collections: Straight Razors

Product type: Straight Razors

Vendor: KAI

Tags: "No Sharpen" Straight Razors





The Captain Titan Mild is a single edge razor blade with Kai's latest blade technology. Plasma Ion New process by Kai, or PINK which significantly increases hardness of the blade and a new titanium coating enables a extraordinary cutting edge with durability and skin-friendly sharpness.


The blade is finished with PTFE coating for kindness to the skin as well as a super-smooth shave.


Thanks to the special dispenser system, the blades can be safely and quickly inserted in the razor holder.


These blades work with Kai's Captain Razor, Feather's Artist Club Series and the Mongoose Razor.


20 Pack