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The Jack Black Shave Brush is German engineered for exceptional quality. It features Silvertip Fibre bristles that create an abundant, rich lather. The cruelty-free, state-of-the-art fibers are tangibly soft, long-lasting and non-porous, resulting in a brush that is ultra-hygienic with superior bristle memory and strength.


Key Benefits:

+ Technologically-advanced Silvertip Fibre bristles

+ Ultra-hygienic

+ Superior bristle strength and memory

+ Cruelty-free

About MUHLE:


In its 65 years of producing fine shaving tools, MUHLE has gained expertise and knowledge that set is a part from its competitors. Unlike other suppliers, MUHLE has an in-house manufacturing operation, where metal and acrylic parts are crafted using exacting quality standards. Manufacturing expertise has been passed from one generation to the next, since the company was founded more than six decades ago. Today, the manufacturing team is composed of highly skilled craftsmen, many whose parents worked with their grandfather doing the same quality of production.


The equipment used to design and craft the MUHLE manufactured shaving tools has been specially adapted from precision equipment originally used in the manufacture of jewelry and high end writing instruments. So, the attention to detail, whether in the lathing of the handle or plating of the metal parts, is second to none.