Iwasaki Kamisori 1- chou gake Japanese Straight Razor

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We have seen an increasing interest from straight razor shavers in the use and care of traditional Japanese Style Straight Razors. These are exceptional shavers and well known for both taking and keeping a magnificent shaving edge.

Traditional Japanese Style Straight Razors differ from most other straight razors in that they are not made to be folded into a handle. The handle is part of the razor itself. They are also different in that the two sides of the razor itself are not hollow ground the same. The back side of the blade which is the flatter of the two sides and is known as the "Omote" side and the front side of the blade which usually has a stamp in Japanese Kanji (writing) is more curved and known as the "Ura" side. When shaving, the traditional method is to keep the flat side against the face.

This razor was originally designed by master blade smith Kousuki Iwasaki who in turned trained his son Shigeyoshi Iwasaki who in turn trained Ryuichi Mizuouchi who is currently making these beautiful blades from the Iwasaki family forge in Niigata, Japan. Every razor demonstrates exceptional craftsmanship and is a work of art.

Each of these razors is handmade and we try to keep a standing order in with Mr. Mizuouchi to be able to have them available as they are produced. The measurements of each razor will vary slightly. The Iwasaki #1 razor is normally around 61/2 inches long and the blade is typically around 2 inches in length and the #2 razor is approximately 7 inches in overall length with a blade length of around 21/2 inches. You can also see that parts of the razor including the spine and handle have been blackened with carbon during the forging process. This process is supposed to be for protecting these parts of the razor from rust. This protection should not be relied on to completely prevent rust.

We are extremely pleased to be able to bring you these striking razors on a limited basis. As always, please feel free to call us any time to discuss the care and maintenance of these amazing razors.