Heinrich L. Thater 4292/4 Buffalo Horn 24mm Two Band Finest Bulb
Heinrich L. Thater 4292/4 Buffalo Horn 24mm Two Band Finest Bulb

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The folks at H.L. Thater have really hit the mark with their two band badger hair brushes. We feel that Thater has set a new industry standard when they made these brushes and that they are a terrific bargain for their price. From the overstuffed knots providing superior backbone, to the comfort of their bristles, these brushes are the nicest we have seen in the marketplace today. If you are looking for a superior brush that provides great lather with both soaps and creams, this brush is for you. It blossoms beautifully and will provide you with years of wetshaving comfort and enjoyment.

Heinrich L. Thater has been hand making brushes since 1913. Living by their motto "The times and tastes are different" - "Quality endures". We know you will be thrilled with the Quality of these Handsome Brushes.

This Brush is placed in a beautiful Genuine Buffalo Horn Handle

Knot Size 24mm

Loft 55mm

Overall Height 105mm

Brush knots are hand tied so sizes will vary slightly

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