Heinrich L. Thater 21mm Finest Badger Silver Tip Travel Brush




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Vendor: Heinrich L. Thater

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Heinrich L. Thater we believe to be one of the highest quality brushes made today. We have not felt a softer Silver Tip Badger then the hair used in these brushes, while still delivering a fair amount a stiffness to build a great lather. This travel brush is in great looking Nickel Plated Brass Hardware.

Heinrich L. Thater has been hand making brushes since 1913. Living by their motto "The times and tastes are different" - "Quality endures". We know you will be thrilled with the Quality of these Handsome Brushes.

Knot Size 21mm

Loft 55mm

Overall Height 130mm

Brush knots are hand tied so sizes will vary slightly

Closed 75mm