Green Mountain Soap Original Formula Bar Soap

Green Mountain Soap Original Formula Bar Soap




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They have two formulations for their bars, and the only difference is in the selection of the oils. Their "original" formulation, the one they started with over thirty years ago, uses tallow, coconut oil, and olive oil. That combination of oils creates a bar of soap that is the best we have found in the world. The second formulation that they use to make their bar soap includes palm oil, coconut oil, and olive oil. As you can see, the only difference between the two recipes is a substitution of palm oil for tallow.


Soap is made by reacting oils (which are triglycerides) with a strong alkali or caustic, such as sodium hydroxide. The result of the reaction is soap and glycerine. The art of soap making the lies in the selection of the oils used to make it. Every oil creates a soap with a unique character, and the same is true with every mixture of oils. Much experimentation has gone into finding just the right mixture of oils to create the soap that they want to offer to their customers. Sodium hydroxide, the alkali used to make bar soap, creates a soap that doesn't dissolve in water very fast. That is one reason why their bar soap lasts so long in the shower.

Unlike Green Mountain Soap, most commodity soaps are made from 80% tallow and 20% coconut oil and have had the naturally occurring glycerin removed for sale as a separate commodity. Commodity soaps also have additives and preservatives which you won't find in Green Mountain Soap.


Original Formula is a long-lasting bar created from tallow, coconut & olive oils.


Once again, their soap is: gluten free, latex free, casein free, free of all parabens including methylparaben, alcohol free, free of artificial colors and dyes. Our bath and liquid soaps contain no mineral oil or petroleum, no aluminum or alum, no sodium lauryl sulfate and no pesticides. Their soaps are all-natural.

4.25 ounce bar