Green Mountain Soap Lime-Vetiver Triple Milled Shaving Soap
Green Mountain Soap Lime-Vetiver Triple Milled Shaving Soap

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Green Mountain Soap Company spent three years crafting a shaving soap recipe and a triple milled production process. They knew that the formulation would be significantly different from our other bar soaps. Shave soap must have different performance properties when compared to hand soap. Shave soap lather must be abundant, dense, long-lasting, protective, and it must have "glide" so that the razor will not skip or chatter across your skin. Each of these properties is controlled and affected by the choice of oils, the ratio of types of caustic used to react the oils, and how the soap is processed and triple milled as it goes from raw materials to finished puck.


Their formulation includes a generous percentage of tallow for a creamy, sturdy, slick lather. Oils were chosen that create a high glycerin content and enhance the moisturizing effects of the soap. The shaving soap contains no artificial ingredients or preservatives. The soap performs well in hard water, though like any true soap, very hard water can degrade its performance. We recommend using a badger hair brush. And the lather is thirsty so use more water then you are typically use to for best results.

Lime Vetiver: The invigorating scent of Lime and Bay Leaf essential oils are grounded by Vetiver, an earthy grass green note that is warm and masculine. A splash of Black Pepper essential oil provides just the right amount of zing, and the tiny bit of Ylang-Ylang weaves a sweet, exotic, slightly balsamic floral through your shaving ritual. 4.25 ounce puck