Esbjerg-Koraat 6/8" Spanish Point in Desert Ironwood Scales

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This beautiful 6/8" razor has a gentle smile and a near wedge ground blade, thus allowing a very gentle cut and a clean shave. It has a Spanish point and a extravagant decorated spine. All outlines as well as the tang are mirror polished. The hollow ground is a fine satin finish. The many polished facets of the spine create a timeless elegance.


The scales are made of gorgeous desert ironwood, which is polished and treated with natural carnauba wax.(Wood is darker in person then in the pictures)


As for all models, the bulls eyes and the turned hourglass shaped spacer are made of stainless steel, while the pinning is made with sterling silver. Serrations on the top and bottom of the tang guarantee a good handling of the heavy blade.


A small one-man manufacturer, located in Austria, produces these straight razors for Esbjerg. As the base product for these unique razors he uses dropforged blade blanks made in Solingen, Germany. The blanks are made of finest silver steel (DIN 1.2210) hardened to 61-62hrc and bearing Steel (DIN 1.3505) hardened to 62hrc. Different then many other manufacturers, the blanks are not mass produced, but forged in a protected design exclusively by him. For achieving an optimal hardening result and to guarantee the finest possible grain, thus allowing the smoothest possible shave, every single blade is heat treated on its own in a digital controlled furnace.


The scales are hand made from the highest quality hardwoods and are meticulously selected. Only the best quality is used for the production.


Even the rivets as well as the hourglass shaped spacer, both made of stainless steel, are custom built and exclusively used for these razors. The pinning is made with a 2mm thick Sterling Silver wire. As final step each pin is carefully polished.


The razors are delivered shave ready and honed by the craftsman.