Dovo Shavette Black with Blue Top

Dovo Shavette Black with Blue Top




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Product type: Straight Razors

Vendor: Dovo

Tags: "No Sharpen" Straight Razors



The Dovo Shavette is a great and inexpensive way to start shaving with a Straight. It's also great as a travel razor. It is just a great shaver period. There are three blade options listed. The razor comes with the 1 red system, 1 black system and guard.


Red - The Red holder uses a Double edge blade that you split in two. This is a great for Sideburns, around the mustache, or any tight area looking for a very clean cut.


Black - The Black Holder uses the same type of breakable blade but is longer, closer to the size of a straight razor. A very economical way to shave.


Green - The Green Holder uses a single edge blade that is stiffer and the closet thing to shaving with a straight. This is the most popular blade for shaving.


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