Belgium Yellow Coticule Stones - Selected Grade - 3 Sizes






This is the traditional whetstone that contains 35 to 40% of garnets which gives it the best grinding characteristics. Because of the odd nature of the environment the Coticule is found in the thinner layers, because of that it needs some work; the gluing and shaping.

The Stone consist of a Coticule top side of 7 to 10 mm and a bottom side of unusable black shist. The Coticule stone has between 6000 and 8000 grits and contains 30 to 42% garnets, which results into the stone being very fast at whetting knives.

The Coticule is sorted according to visual characteristics and sold as Selected and Standard.

This standardization only takes in account how the Coticule is shaped and does not effect the excellent grinding characteristics. "Selected" provides a homogeneous stone while "Standard" shows cosmetic defects or natural colourisation.

The Coticule has a yellow-white colour with red and green shades from time to time.

Sizes Availble:




Pictured is the 200mmx75mm

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