Baxter of California Shaver's Skincare Kit

Baxter of California Shaver's Skincare Kit




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Product type: Shaving Creams and Soaps

Vendor: Baxter of California

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This convenient dopp kit contains all the products you need for smooth, comfortable skin before, during and after your shave. With the right mix of essential skincare and shaving products, this kit covers all of the bases for your daily routine.


Daily Face Wash and Facial Scrub prep skin for a smooth shave by cleansing and lifting hair follicles. Mix together if desired. Super Close Shave Formula minimizes irritation while providing a smooth, comfortable shave. Their best-selling After Shave Balm calms and conditions skin post-shave. A $95 value.


Kit includes:

•Daily Face Wash

•Facial Scrub

•Super Close Shave Formula

•After Shave Balm

•All in a stylish navy quilted dopp bag