Alvarez Gomez Barberia Shave Cream Jar 200ml

Alvarez Gomez Barberia Shave Cream Jar 200ml




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The GOMEZ ALVAREZ shaving cream has been specially formulated to facilitate razor glide over the surface of the skin to avoid irritation. Rich in extracts and vegetable oils such as Aloe extract and argan oil.


A formula with active ingredients based on plant extracts and natural oils that lubricate the skin and provide an Optimum post shave sensation, without irritation or tightness.


Only a small quantity is required to produce vast quantities of unctuous and creamy lather that softens the hair for smooth sliding of the blade, providing much protection against cuts and irritation, leaving skin soft, supple and fresh.


The scent is citric and fresh inspired in the classic Agua de Colonia, but more manly and modern, whereas the formula has been inspired by the best English shaving brands. The result is this Spanish shaving cream of extraordinary quality and price, for all men who enjoy the art of traditional shaving.

200ml Glass Jar