SRDWelcome to Straight Razor Designs and thank you for the opportunity to serve you!

Our focus is on men’s grooming and shaving products and we are pleased to bring you the very best selection of wet shaving products available anywhere in the market.

We believe that when you look great, you feel great and that enhances every day of your life. When you take the time out of your day to spoil yourself with that extra close shave and to enjoy all the wonderful products available to you, it is amazing how your life changes for the better. So for your most enjoyable shaving experience, we have straight razors, safety razors which are also called double edge razors, skin care products, shaving brushes, shaving soaps and creams and many other products designed for that traditional and enjoyable wet shaving experience.

Our History

Straight Razor Designs was started in 2007 by Lynn Abrams and Don Addleman, two of the most recognized names in the wet shaving industry. We strongly felt that there was a need for a store to not only be able to provide the best products and information available, but to be able to provide the best consultation and support from people who actually are wet shavers and straight razor shavers.

Lynn is the founder of the first and original straight razor forum on the internet, The Straight Razor Place and probably has more straight razor honing and sharpening experience than anyone in the world. Lynn was named “The Honemeister” for his exceptional abilities by the late Ray Dupont of Classic Shaving and has set the standard for sharpening razors globally. He has been shaving with a straight razor since 1973 and has been the driving force in growing the straight razor shaving population worldwide for over 10 years. His instructional DVD, The World of Straight Razor Shaving, is still considered a must have tool for beginners learning to shave with a straight razor.

Don is renowned for his expertise in the safety razor environment and is considered an expert when it comes to men’s toiletries. He is also a highly qualified razor sharpener and has honed thousands of straight razors.

When a razor strop supplier decided he could no longer supply us with strops shortly after we opened, we decided to make our own line of strops and spent over a year in the development of the best straight razor strops on the market. Our strops are designed to provide the specific draw or resistance that is best suited to each customer’s individual preference. They are made from the highest quality materials and are made in the USA. We also invented the first modular paddle strop which has become a need to have tool, not only for daily stopping, but for travel, refreshing and honing straight razors. Visit our Strop Shop.

Because of our experience in sharpening or honing straight razors, we decided to provide to best sharpening hones/stones and media for our customers. We have developed outstanding diamond sprays and chromium oxides sprays available in our Sharpening Center and are always available to teach our customers the best way to apply them.

We also have significant experience in straight razor restoration and are the only men’s grooming store making available and constantly looking for great products in this arena as well. We still restore vintage straight razors and safety razor and enjoy bringing old unusable razors back to a productive life.

Lynn was the first person to introduce Custom Straight Razors into the current shaving world when he started selling Mastro Livi Straight Razors. Since that time we have added Joe Chandler, Josh Earl and Charlie Lewis Custom Straight razors to our lineup which are simply the most beautiful and best made Custom Straight Razors available.

Our Philosophy

We believe that shaving should be a pleasure that you look forward to every day and not just a chore that you have to do. We strive to offer you the straight razors, safety razors, shaving brushes, strops, shaving mugs and bowls, shaving creams, shaving soaps, after shaves, colognes and all grooming products to help you achieve just what you are looking for and make it an experience to where you look forward to each and every shave. We want to provide you with the best quality and value that we can and in everything we do.

Our Promise to You

We are wet shavers and will not offer a product to you that we have not tried and do not think is a superior product. We will provide you consultation and instruction that comes directly from us as we are not just order takers, but people who have the experience to help you find the right product for you. We promise to help you to the best of our ability to learn how to shave with a straight razor or safety razor, learn to strop or to sharpen a straight razor and to help you with all your grooming needs.

As Always Thank You,

Don & Lynn